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Lucca Multimedia is the last born section of Lucca Comics & Games and it aims at the exploration of the complex crossroad of languages brought into the world of cartooning and visual communication by the new technologies. First of all Internet, a revolutionary way of offering content to the audience, which also exerted a deep influence on the content itself: for example, just think at the development of Flash technology, which made possible low-budget productions of high-quality animation movies, as far as yesterday an impossible task for anybody without a computer graphic studio. Another continuously in evolution branch is the 3D graphics, either in movies and in videogames, which is proving itself as an autonomous expressive form, between role-playing games and genuine interactive narration. These increasing interlacements between comics, games and new technologies represent the core experience of Lucca Multimedia, as seen through art exhibitions, conferences, debates, projections, events and multimedia performances.

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