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Lucca Junior is the fair sector dedicated to childhood, a review of comics, cartoons and games in a pavilion specifically designed for the little ones, with lots of special initiatives and side-events. The exhibition in whole is mainly dedicated to children and teenagers, but Lucca Junior is a special place made for playing inside the Game Hall, learning and working in the Creative Laboratory, to go on the stage of the Small Theatre. With an eye of regard to nature and ecology, Lucca Junior is also a perfect occasion to see the masters of illustration for children, such as Emanuele Luzzati, completing the programme also thanks to the co-operation of one of the most important cultural institutions in town, the Teatro del Giglio, through involving moments of aggregation and performance. From zero to 12, but if you wish also to 100 years old, Lucca Junior opens wide its doors to all those who want to have fun, play and stay together with creativity and imagination.

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