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Lucca Games is the foremost Italian Game Industry trade fair and convention (role-playing games, board games, collectible card games, three-dimensional war-games and fantasy imagery). Born in 1993, in the course of these few years it turned to be a successful intuition: a cultural choice which threw a new light on the strict connections between the world of games and the world of cartooning, involving new and old trends of culture and entertainment, from conventional comics to computer graphics, from fantasy novels to simulated battles, from illustration to board games, game designing and narrative.

During these years Lucca Games has become the most important Italian game fair, and one of the most important in Europe. The secret? It has been planned as something more than a simple trade fair, trying not to spoil the attitude and the pleasure that give life to conventions of fans. A place for games and fancy, where the audience can have the chance to put on the dresses of a hero, or to meet a famous author, or simply to see and try the previews of the next season new releases.

This walkthrough into the medium of entertainment is achieved thanks to the constant presence of the most brilliant Italian game designers and publishing houses, which every year take part at the fair alongside of young fandom subscribers and associations which, never tired of playing, set up their initiatives involving the audience into the most exciting and astonishing experiences. Plenty of tables for demonstrations and trials where everybody can test games under the guide of experienced game masters; contests and tournaments, seminars about fantasy narrative, exhibitions dedicated to the most important fantasy artists, a Meeting Hall where to take part in discussions with world-famous illustrators such as Brom, Rick Berry, Phil Hale, Justine Sweet, Ciruelo, John Howe, Larry Elmore, Montanini, Palumbo, Parente and with the most important authors and game designers like George R.R. Martin, Richard Garfield, Margaret Weis, Joe Dever, Valerio Evangelisti, Alan Dean Foster and Jervis Johnson. Lastly, the prestigious Best of Show, awarded to the best new productions at the game fair.

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